Dirty Magazine Issue 1

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Sex, Drugs and Style

The main themes of the first issue are harm reduction for drugs and downtown style. The history of downtown New York is thick with legendary artists that have shaped the fashion, film and music industries and the aesthetic references of all contemporary artists. It is also thick with a long legacy of grassroots activists putting forward their own kinds of community safety initiatives including clean needle exchanges and other safer drug use supplies. This issue sits at the intersection of these legacies and introduces our readers to our politics and aesthetic values.


The cover art is a 3D rendering speculative design of a quarantine compliant glory hole designed by Magdalena Galen. We want to put something on the first issue that encourages voyeurism. You pay, we will put on the best show.

カバーアートは、Magdalena Galenによる、検疫に準拠したグローリーホールの投機的な3Dレンダリングデザインです。私たちは最初の号に何か盗撮を推奨するような何かを載せたかったのです。あなたが払えば、私たちは最高のショーをお見せします。

The best moment to read Dirty Magazine is when you are coming down from a great high and need some fodder for some sweet and sexy dreams.

Dirty Magazineを読むのに最適な瞬間は、最高なハイの気分から覚め、甘くてセクシーな夢のために飼料が必要なときです。

Club track remixes of Blink 182, Young Thug, Lana Del Rey, Da Baby, and Lil Peep. All the early aughts middle school dance bops.




Date published
April 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Instagram, Onlyfans and other digital based platforms are adherent to SESTA/FOSTA law guidelines that censor the way everyone, especially sex workers, interact and share online. This censorship hinders our user experiences and has led to disillusionment and flight from these platforms. In response, Dirty Magazine chose to launch with a print-only magazine with an encrypted digital presence for our subscribers, making it possible for us to share content that cannot fall prey to this kind of censorship.

Instagram、Onlyfans、その他のデジタルベースのプラットフォームは、すべての人、特にセックスワーカーたちのオンラインでの交流、共有のやり方を検閲するSESTA / FOSTA法のガイドラインに準拠しています。この検閲はユーザーの妨げになり、プラットフォームへの幻滅と離脱につながっています。それに応えて、この種の検問の餌食にならないように読者にDirtyMagazineは暗号化されたデジタルプレゼンスを備えたプリント雑誌を作ることを選びました。

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