Elska Reykjavík, ICELAND

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Queer, Gay

The main theme of Elska in general is to get to know a random set of gay/queer men through intimate and honest photography and stories. Each issue is set in a different city, which is essentially the theme; the setting of this particular issue is the Reykjavík, Iceland.


We were supposed to shoot the guy on the cover, Jono D, out on the streets of Reykjavík city centre, which is full of all these cute colourfully painted houses, but when we met he had a bit of a cold and asked if we could do indoors only. Of course I wasn’t going to complain, but I was quite disappointed, so I managed a little compromise. I let him stay inside while I went out onto the balcony and shot him through the windows, mixing him with reflections of the city that got cast on the glass. And because it was winter, the sunrise is very slow, so we got some lovely warm colors mixed with the cold too.


I think of Elska Reykjavík as quite a warm issue even though a lot of shots are of guys freezing to death out in the Icelandic winter, especially those few that took their clothes off in the great outdoors. I think of their cold and want to warm them up, so I’d say to read this while wrapped up in a blanket, probably in the evening with some warm light glowing in the room.


For every city I go to for Elska I create a different mixtape, usually just songs I heard during the trip, maybe songs a guy was playing during a shoot, or stuff I heard in cafés between shoots. For Reykjavík this playlist is here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/08oFvo9QbQo7VSxFhVIf7d?si=VMMvoC5EQI25MnL7-uA0nw .


Date published
Republished 2020
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UK / English
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Because some things are too beautiful to be denied a format that you can touch, smell, taste even!


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