Elska Sydney

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Queer, Gay

The main theme of Elska in general is to get to know a random set of gay/queer men through intimate and honest photography and stories. Each issue is set in a different city, which is essentially the theme; the setting of this particular issue is Sydney, Australia/


For every city I go to for Elska I create a different mixtape, usually just songs I heard during the trip, maybe songs a guy was playing during a shoot, or stuff I heard in cafés between shoots. For Reykjavík this playlist is here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/08oFvo9QbQo7VSxFhVIf7d?si=VMMvoC5EQI25MnL7-uA0nw .


Date published
Republished 2020
Country / Language
UK / English
Reason for print format
Because some things are too beautiful to be denied a format that you can touch, smell, taste even!


Website / Instagram
elskamagazine.com / @elskamagazine