Ethos Issue 14

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Responsible business ideas and inspiration

We don’t have a theme, as such. In fact, it’s almost the opposite - we try and have a range of voices, geographical destinations and sectors and businesses in each issue. But of course, every interview is shaped by the experiences that person is going through. So the issue has a lot about dealing with uncertainty - hardly surprising after the year we’ve had! Sustainability, future thinking and innovation are always themes.


Our cover art on this issue shows the work of a small Russian social enterprise, which is producing furnishings for Ikea. The photo wraps around the cover - I like the detail on the back cover, where you can see the Cyrillic script on the ring. It’s a small detail, but tells you a lot about the story!


When you have some time to yourself to get your head into it. Outside in the sunshine, when you want to feed your optimism; or inside with the rain beating down, when you’re looking for some inspiration.


I’m thinking something flowing, that makes me feel warm - so my thoughts went to MC Solaar. And, while my head was in France, I decided to add Air’s score for The Virgin Suicides, one of my absolute favourite soundtracks. 

何か漂い、暖かくしてくれるもの、MC Solaarがいいかもしれません。それから、フランスにいたとき、映画「ヴァージンスーサイド」のAir’s scoreも流れていました。間違いなく私のお気に入りのサウンドトラックの一つです。

Date published
April 2021
Country / Language
UK / English
Reason for print format
People treat information differently in digital and printed formats. There’s something more tangible to a magazine - that you have to pick a moment and read consciously. We know that the brain takes in information in different ways online and off, and always liked the idea of this being a way to communicate new ideas. And, of course, it can be shared and passed on; or sit on the bookshelf for posterity, when you want to go back and find that story about….

私たちはデジタルとプリントフォーマットで違った情報の扱い方をします。雑誌にはもっと具体的なものがあります。雑誌にはもっと具体的なものがあります。私たちは脳がネットとそうじゃないものとでさまざまな方法で情報を取り込むことを知っており、これが新しいアイデアを伝える方法であるというアイデアを常に気に入っていました。そしてもちろん、それを共有して渡すこともできます。または、 あなたが戻ってその話を見つけたいとき、後世のために本棚に置いておくこともできます。

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