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The newest volume of Gossamer is the Flower Issue. We chose this theme as a bright and airy followup to our Inside Issue, which obviously spoke to a very different sentiment. While the term "flower" is very much of the cannabis world, we wanted to stretch and broaden what it meant and how it could be discussed, interpreted, portrayed, and presented. The issue has a lot of the vibrancy and beauty one might expect from a Flower-themed issue in it, but it also pushes the idea of unexpected and intriguing new areas.

Gossamerの新しい号はフラワーがテーマです。間違いなく全く違った感情に話しかけたインサイドがテーマの前号に対してのきらきらして、優雅な返答としてこのテーマを選びました。 「花」という用語は大麻の世界の大部分を占めていますが、私たちはそれが何を意味し、どのように議論、解釈、描写、提示できるかを拡大解釈し、もっと広げたかったのです。この号には、花をテーマにした号に期待されるような活気と美しさがたくさんありますが、予期しない魅力的な新しい分野のアイデアも押し進めています。

For every cover of Gossamer, we feature an image or an object that's ostensibly simple—at first glance—but that also offers a hint of what's in store for the reader. This shot by Geray Mena contains something familiar—a flower—but one that is altered through substances—much like the general topic at hand in our work. You're seeing the flower in a fresh light, and looking at it from an entirely new and unexpected perspective.

毎回Gossamerのカバーは一見したところ、表面上はシンプルな一つのイメージか物体をフューチャーしていますが、読者に何が待ち受けているかというヒントも与えています。Geray Menaによって撮られたこのショットには、何かなじみのあるもの、花、でも私たちの仕事で目の前にある一般的なトピックのような、何かの物質によって変化したもの。 新鮮な光の中で花を見ると、まったく想像していなかった視点からそれを見ています。

The moment after you've decided to do something for yourself today (and maybe the moment before you take a nap).

今日何か自分自身のために何かやると決めた直後。( それか多分昼寝をした直後。)

Whatever sounds a warm, sunny day perched in nature brings. And if that's not available, then Youth Lagoon's The Year of Hibernation.

自然の中にあるあたたかくて、天気のいい日がもたらすものなら何でも。もしそれじゃなかったら、その時はYouth LagoonのThe Year of Hibernationで。

Date published
Date published
September 2020
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US / English
Reason for print format
There was never any doubt that we'd be doing a print magazine first. A good magazine can embody a company's ethos better than just about anything else, and we wanted the world to know what Gossamer stood for through design, words, images, and even smaller details like paper stock and typefaces. Moreover, reading a physical magazine requires one's attention in ways that our digital world rarely allows these days. There's no second screen experience with a magazine, no notifications popping up, no rabbit holes to click down—it's just you and the printed pages in your hands. We care deeply about having better experiences, and the ritual of magazine reading is toward the top.


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