It's Freezing in LA! Issue 5

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Environmental slow journalism

This issue revisits big, often contested or controversial topics around the environment and digs into them in detail. We want to refresh and reinvigorate green discussions in the wake of COVID: now more than ever we need to be making sure our plans and green recovery vision is really watertight, inclusive and attainable.


The graphics in our issues are derived from real data that show some climatic pattern or change. This issue our resident atmospheric chemist, Harry Lloyd, took satellite data showing the ozone layer over Antarctica, and our designer, Matthew Lewis, turned these into the beautiful shapes flowing through the issue. It tracks the stabilization of the hole in the ozone layer following legislation to limit ozone-depleting chemicals in the 80s.

各号のカバーのグラフィックは、気候のパターンや、変化に見られる本物のデータから引き出されています。この号は、私たちの駐在の大気化学者、Harry Lloydが南極を包んだオゾン層が見える衛生データを取り、そして私たちのデザイナー、Matthew Lewisがこの号の全体を流れるような美しい形のデザインへと変化させました。そのデータは、80年代のオゾンを破壊する化学物質を制限する法律に従ってオゾン層の穴の安定化を追跡しています。

In pieces, to give yourself time to absorb each article (they're full!), or on a leisurely afternoon outside.


We quite enjoyed Grimes' Miss Anthropocene (see Arielle Domb's review on our blog). It's a bit chaotic, but so is everything at the moment.

GrimesのMiss Anthropoceneは結構みんな気に入ってました。(私たちのブログのArielle Dombのレビューをチェックしてみてください。)ちょっとめちゃくちゃだけど、ちょうどその時は最高にはまってました。

Date published
Date published
5, May 2020
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UK / English
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The magazine is available in print and e-version form. We think there is real power in print: it's curated, it's permanent, people keep it and read it cover to cover, and there is an expectation of quality which is not always translated online. But for people who do prefer, or don't mind, a version on screen, we have that too. It's particularly good for avoiding the air miles associated with shipping single copies around the world.