METER magazine Volume 4

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The intersection of the physical, intellectual, and transcendental, all centered around the activity of long distance running. It's sport, but not as you know it.

Running has the ability to be a truly transformative activity. It gives us time to think; it's a time to switch off; it's an opportunity to experience nature or the city around us; it shapes our bodies for good or ill. That's all come into sharp relief over the last two years and it's something we're thinking about a lot in this issue, from dealing with the grief of a lost loved one through running to dealing with the grief of an injury caused by running; from the ways running shapes our personalities and our ambitions, to the way running is having to change in a post-pandemic world to accommodate competition in a way that is both safe and authentic. This is also our first redesign issue, so transformation is burnt into the DNA of this one.


This issue came together during Covid and the cover art comes from a race in Italy - one of the first cross country races to be held when racing tentatively returned. This young athlete is exhausted and breathless, but it's entirely his own doing: he's in control. We found that kinda powerful: this idea of renewal and wrestling back control of your destiny through running.

この号はCovidパンデミックの間に作られ、このカバーはレースがとりあえず再び再開し始めin the bankたとき、イタリアで初めて行われたクロスカントリーレースのものです。この若いアスリートはとても疲労し、息切れをし、でも彼は彼自身コントロールの中にいます。私たちはこの中に何か強さというものを見つけました。それはランニングを通してあなたの運命のコントロールを一新し、取り戻すという考えです。

Sunday afternoon, with a long run in the bank, after too many carbs over brunch, with a pot of fresh coffee brewing and nowhere else to be for the rest of the day.


I wouldn't claim to speak for everyone involved in putting METER together, but I struggle to read and listen to music with English language lyrics, so a failsafe for me is the Éthiopiques series of Ethiopian music from the 60s and 70s. Ethiopia produces amazing runners, great coffee and food, and some great music, which feels like fitting soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon reading about running.


Date published
November 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Running and reading share a lot in common - when we're doing either, we tend not to be looking at our phones. That's a good thing. Print encourages us to take time out from the noise of the online world and pursue a feature from start to finish. That leads to serendipity, new discoveries and new connections. It's also a permanent record, something that sticks with you for some time; METER is published biannually, so there's time to engage with it at your own pace. The longer we spend online, the more we recognize that print serves a unique purpose, and we miss it when it's not there.


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