Mishou magazine Issue 2

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Highlighting work by artists ages 15 and under

Date published

November 2021
Country / Language
US / English
Reason for print format
We approach each issue with the hope that it is something you’ll want to put on your bookshelf, and come back to, rather than it being a disposable news source. I've found, at least speaking for myself, that once I read an article online, I close the tab and that's it. I still have so many of the books I grew up with, and collected throughout the years. I can easily pull them out of my shelf and re-engage with the content. I think that print encourages you to spend more time with the work, and each artist. Additionally, seeing artwork on a page is a step closer to what it looks like in person. We like the idea of the magazine serving as a physical archive of the artists' work -- who knows what will happen to the internet in the future!