Nomad Interview Issue 3. Future Mind

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Creativity, Alternative

It's about Future Minds. The mind that worries about the future… the mind that moves the future! Nomad Interview met up with People who Build the Future in Tokyo, Seattle, and San Francisco. We wanted to paint the potentials of the future by utilizing your creative talents. “How will our future look?”, “How will people survive in the era of superintelligence?”, “How can we turn fear into hope?”, “How do we restore humanity?” We hope that the Future Minds interviews can provide the people with wisdom and foresight, inspiring them to paint their own future and also work toward a diverse one. That is our mission!

フューチャーマインド。未来を心配するマインド…未来を動かすマインド!私たちは、東京、シアトル、サンフランシスコで未来を築く人々と会いました。みんなのクリエイティブな才能を活かして、未来の可能性を描きたかったのです。 「私たちの未来はどうなるのか?」、「スーパーインテリジェンスの時代に人々はどのように生き残るのか?」、「どうすれば恐怖を希望に変えることができますか?」、「どうすれば人人間性を取り戻せるのか?」フューチャーマインドのインタビューが人々に彼ら自身の未来を描き、多様な未来に立ち向かえるよに知恵と先見性、そしてインスパイアを与えれることを願っています。それが私たちの使命です!

Thomas Lee who is a talented illustrator in Korea created the world of mind by showing the imagination of the interviewees’ Future Mind like a folder of minds divided by space. His imagination has the power to overcome language barriers and take us to a new world.


I often read the Nomad Interview with coffee in a warm light. And I like to underline the good ideas of interviewees with a nice pencil.


Whenever I want to feel the future moment, I love to listen to Interstellar "First Step" by Hans Zimmer. That's a piece of sound from the future.

未来の瞬間を感じたいときはいつでも、 Hans Zimmerの「 First Step 」を聴くのが大好きです。それは未来からの音です。

Date published
Date published
November 2020
Country / Language
South Korea / English
Reason for print format
The print magazine is the most romantic medium that you could go back and forth between the past, the present and the future at any time. That's the reason why we make Nomad Interview wants to help better travel to the future.

印刷雑誌は、過去、現在、未来の間をいつでも行き来できる最もロマンチックな媒体です。 それが、私たちがNomadInterviewを未来へのより良い旅行を手助けするために制作している理由です。