PAIRS Issue 1

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Conversations about design (Architecture / Landscape Architecture / Urban Design & Planning)

Pairs is and intends to stay non-thematic, meant instead for provisional thoughts and ideas in progress. Each issue seeks to organize a diversity of threads and concerns that are perceived to be relevant to our moment. If there is a theme, it will be discovered through the specific lens of the reader.


The cover was designed by artist and filmmaker, Khalil Joseph, and references his project BLKNWS®. This issue concludes with Joseph and Alexandra Bell discussing their work and the issues that surround and infuse it.

カバーはアーティストであり、フィルムメーカーのKhalil Josephによってデザインされ、彼のプロジェクトBLKNWS®からの参照です。この号はJosephとAlexandra Bellの彼らの仕事と、彼らを取り巻く問題についての熱い討論で締めくくられています。

Now, but later is fine too. While most of the subjects are related to the complexities of the current design world, we have seen that the themes provoked by those subjects repeat throughout the history of our disciplines and do not imagine that the relevance will go away.


There is absolutely no chance that we will reach consensus on this one. Given that, this particular editor is going to make the executive decision to share the album from the last concert she attended shortly before the pandemic took hold and the team began to work remotely: Metronomy Forever by Metronomy




これについては、これといった完璧な答えはありません。そうなると、ある私たちの編集者がこのパンデミックが発生して、チームがリモートで作業を開始する直前に参加した最後のコンサートのアルバムを共有するという私たちの結論が一番妥当そうです。それはMetronomyのMetronomy Foreverです。

Date published
March 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
It feels like anything and everything is vying for your attention at any moment, especially in the digital space. So, we see the curation and constraint set by the print form as an urgent necessity in an over-saturated media world. Oh!—and we LOVE books. As designers, we absolutely believe in the material object.


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