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I've always wanted to make a print magazine for a long time, but I couldn't find a decisive idea for the first issue. However, with pandemic as a trigger, my thoughts became clearer, and I contacted people who ’d like to connect again, such as fellow artists I have worked with and photographers who worked in the past. Therefore, I named it “ Reconnection” issue. It's actually a very personal and selfish idea.


Yes, I started preparing around June last year, but Europe was locked down and I couldn't reach to most of designers until September It was also difficult to put together a shooting team. It's normal now, but at the time everyone started zoom shooting. However, I was not 100% convinced to shoot the first issue remotely, so when I contacted the master photographer MR. Arthur Elgort in New York who I worked with when I was an assistant, I was fortunate to be able to shoot this cover story successfully. it became one of the memorable shoots.

はい、去年の6月頃から準備を始めましたが、ヨーロッパのほとんどのデザイナーはロックダウンなどで 九月まで連絡が取れませんでした。撮影チームをまとめるのも苦労しました。 今では普通になりましたが、当時は皆がズームシュートを始めた頃でした。しかし創刊号を遠隔で撮影することに100%納得できなかったので、私がアシスタント時代にご一緒させていただいた、ニューヨークの巨匠写真家に連絡したところ、幸いにも撮影を成功することができました。

My original idea was poster magazine. so it does not have many reading materials. I want to provide a visual that people want to put on the wall of the room.

最初のアイデアはポスタ-マガジンでした。そのため、読み物はあまりありません。 部屋の壁に貼りたくなるような、ビジュアルを提供できればいいと思っています。

Whatever you want.

Date published
January 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
For me, who grew up with print magazines, it's natural to see photos on paper, but in recent years, a huge amount of information and photos for digital marketing have been consumed at a tremendous rate. I don't have time to think about whether I like a single photo. I myself had doubts this situation as a creator. Ironically, I was thankful that I was able to take a breather in this pandemic and realized that I wanted to take the time to create a satisfying work. This is why the magazine was born.

印刷雑誌で育った私にとっては、写真を紙のメディアで見るのは自然の事です。近年、大量の情報とデジタルマーケティング用の写真が途方もない速度で消費されています。 一枚の写真が好きかどうかを考える時間さえありません。自分自身も作り手としてこの状況に疑問がありました。 皮肉なことですが、ありがたいことにこのパンデミックで一呼吸することができ、時間をかけて満足のいく作品を作りたいと気づくことができました。 これが雑誌が生まれた理由です。

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