Plus magazine Issue 3

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Creative (Art)

The third issue explores the theme of Love. We all have different ideas of what love means to us and we believe the idea of love can also be found in art. Love is like when we encounter an artwork that leaves us lost for words; it might not be easy to define, but it is certainly intense to feel. Love is a sign of courage in the darkest times, a safe place to return to. It acts as my ultimate strength, power, a reason to forgive and to live. And like art, love encompasses each one of us in different ways. The power of love has enabled us to tie different voices from different countries and cities together in this issue.


Yes! The cover image was taken by Malaysian photographer Zhong Lin. To create the cover of the Love is issue, Lin applied the floral imagery, bringing a soft, poetic sensibility to an understanding of love. Lin believes love encompasses various factors that coalesce in the right moment.

これはマレーシアのフォトグラフファー、Zhong Linによって撮られました。この愛の号の表紙を作成するために、Linは花のイメージを取り上げ、愛の理解に柔らかく詩的な感性をもたらしました。リンは、愛には適切な瞬間に合体するさまざまな理由があると信じています。

The best moment to read this issue would probably be when you are alone and you want to reconnect with your surroundings.


There is no particular soundtrack that we recommend, but something calm as we want the readers to fully delve into reading the text.


Date Published
October 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Because in the continous development of technology, we often forget the importance and intimacy of tangible matters. Through Plus, we want to bring the human to human connection back and prove that the print is not dead.

なぜなら、テクノロジーの継続的な開発の中で、私たちはよく触れることができるものの重要性と親密さを忘れてしまうからです。Plusを通じて、私たちは人間と人間のつながりを取り戻し、"Print is not dead"ということを証明したいと考えています。

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