Racquet magazine Issue 17

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Tennis culture, art, fashion, style and politics (and a bit of the pro game).

As usual, Gorilla vs. Bear @gorillavsbear will be dropping a mixtape to go with the issue. Watch @racquetmag for its release.

いつも通り、Gorilla vs. Bear ( テキサスを拠点にしているミュージックブログサイト ) がこの号のために、ミックステープをドロップするよ。私たちのインスタをチェックしといてください。

Date published
August 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Because the print never went out of fashion as far as we’re concerned—and we feel vindicated by the travails of the legacy sports press, undone by the race for clicks online. Also, tennis is woefully misrepresented in the mainstream sports press.


Website / Instagram
raquetmag.com/ @raquetmag