Safar Nostalgia issue 4

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Graphic Design, Visual Culture, Art

The theme of this issue is nostalgia. We chose nostalgia because there are so many different opinions about how, why, and when we should look and refer to the past in the design world or if we should do it at all. We wanted to explore this range of opinions and interpretations and to put them in conversation with one another. Safar IV (literally) binds them together--favorable, critical, and everywhere in between--and seeks to present its readers with a thoughtful, nuanced picture of nostalgia in respect to design and the region more broadly.


Co-founder and co-creative director of Safar, Maya Moumne, traveled to Milan, Italy to meet with Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. Maya documented their day together in 50 color-film photographs which are featured in the magazine. As Safar is all about travel and communication across physical, cultural, linguistic, and disciplinal borders--the name Safar literally means "travel" in Arabic--we felt that featuring a photo of Cattelan taken in Milan by Maya fit perfectly with Safar's mission. On top of that, the grainy, film character of the photograph and the towering Milan Duomo in the background fit nicely with the theme of nostalgia.

Safarの共同創設者であり、クリエイティブディレクターでもあるMaya Moumneが、アーティストのMaurizio Cattelanに会うためにイタリアのミラノに行きました。Mayaはこの号にも掲載されている、50枚のフィルムのカラー写真で彼との過ごした日々を収めていました。トラベル、身体的、文化的、言語的、そして懲戒的なボーダーを超えるコミュニケーションをテーマにしているSafar ( 意味はまさにアラブ語でトラベルという意味です。)にとって、Mayaがミラノで撮ったCattelan写真を使うのが私たちのミッションにぴったりだと思いました。それに加えて、写真のフィルムの特徴である粗さ、そして背景にそびえ立つミラノのドゥオーモがノスタルジアのテーマにうまくはまっていると思います。

Where are you?


Sukkar Sukkar Sukkar by Ali Hassan Kuban / Mashena by The Scorpios

Date published
July 2019
Country / Language
Lebanon / Arabic and English
Reason for print format
Print is alive and well at Safar. For us, print is an effective part of multichannel communications, and we think that it offers an engaging, tactile, and more personal way to communicate with our audience. As the world is increasingly flooded with emails and social media content that can be easily deleted and forgotten, print sets Safar apart: people hold onto a well-designed and well-printed magazine, treasuring it and engaging with it for far longer.


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