Secret Issue 1

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Issue one is about looking for a space to hide in a landscape defined by visibility. I was interested in covering artists and cultural movements that defined themselves by being removed from the social media echo chamber. I talked to artists finding disused plots of land in New York, designers making low key streetwear, and discussed the unconventional ways hip hop artists like Lil Uzi Vert speak to fans in secret, among other stories. I tried to maintain a throughline of understanding the ways we sustain ourselves outside of "The Machine.

The model on the cover, Max Garson, is a really talented skateboarder and a friend of mine. I always wanted to shoot in that antique electronic store because for me it evokes nostalgia for a different time ā€” when going online was a bit more complicated, but also more rewarding. I think the visual is pretty emotional, kind of like this ethereal landscape of dead technology, a world we can recognize but never return to. At least, that's what I was going for.

Right now. As the world collapses around us. One of the most satisfying things about making Secret has been seeing how many people agree with this overall sentiment. Just knowing that a lot of people out there are as bored with the status quo as I am.

Brian Eno for sure.

Date published
April 2019
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Because I think the only way to create a real relationship with an audience is to give them something they can feel. It's easier to be vulnerable offline, and I think readers are starting to crave experiences that feel safe from the constant monitoring of social media and the web.

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