Secret Issue 3

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This issue was created at the height of the pandemic. So it was hard to avoid getting a little bit more emotional with each of the subjects I interviewed. Everyone was dealing with the tremendous change that was going on in the world, but a common thread was hearing them express the ways they'd like to think and behave differently when all of this was over. It seems that the pandemic made people much more aware of their emotions, so this issue is all about moving through the world a little more empathetically.


The photographer, Patrick Woodling, is a friend of mine and I was explaining to him one night how when I was a kid I would get super overwhelmed and anxious, and how my solution for it was dunking myself in the bath. I wanted to kind of express that feeling for the world at large. How after the past year, we all need to do that before we can move on. He took it from there and had the photos back to me in like two days. The kid is thorough.

友達の一人、写真家の Patrick Woodlingで、ある夜子供の頃、いろいろ大変で不安になったとき、その解決方法としてお風呂に顔を潜らせていたと、彼に説明しました。その気持ちを世界全体にして表現したかったのです。昨年が過ぎた今、私たちはみんな、次へ進むためにこれをやる必要があります。彼はそこから写真を撮り、2 日ほどで写真を私に返してきました。

I think there's a big push to rush everything back to normal, now that there are vaccines and it's summer again. I know I'm not alone in feeling like I need to ease my way back into normal life. I think this is a good issue to read while you do that.


Tirzah's upcoming album is really wonderful. I've been listening to the two singles she released this year, "Send Me" and "Sink In," on a loop.

Tirzahのもうすぐリリースになるアルバムが本当に最高です。今年リリースされたシングル、'Send Me'と 'Sink In'をひたすら繰り返し聴いてます。

Date published
April 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Because I think the only way to create a real relationship with an audience is to give them something they can feel. It's easier to be vulnerable offline, and I think readers are starting to crave experiences that feel safe from the constant monitoring of social media and the web.


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