Secret Issue 4

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Date published
November 2021
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Because I think the only way to create a real relationship with an audience is to give them something they can feel. It's easier to be vulnerable offline, and I think readers are starting to crave experiences that feel safe from the constant monitoring of social media and the web.

čŖ­č€…ćØćƒŖć‚¢ćƒ«ć«é–¢äæ‚ć‚’ä½œć‚Œć‚‹å”Æäø€ć®ę–¹ę³•ćÆć€å½¼ć‚‰ćŒę„Ÿć˜ć‚‹ć“ćØ恌恧恍悋ćŖ恫恋悒äøŽćˆć¦ć‚恒悋恓ćØ恠ćØę€ć£ć¦ć„ć‚‹ć‹ć‚‰ć§ć™ć€‚ć‚Ŗćƒ•ćƒ©ć‚¤ćƒ³ć®ę–¹ćŒē“ ē›“恫ćŖ悊悄恙恄恗态čŖ­č€…ćŸć”ćÆć‚½ćƒ¼ć‚·ćƒ£ćƒ«ćƒ”ćƒ‡ć‚£ć‚¢ć‚„ć€ć‚¦ć‚§ćƒ–ć§ć®ćŠäŗ’恄悒åøø恫ē›£č¦–ć—ć¦ć„ć‚‹ć‚ˆć†ćŖ恓ćØ悒ꄟ恘ćŖ恄ēµŒéØ“ć‚’ęŽ¢ć‚Šå§‹ć‚ć¦ć„ć‚‹ćØę€ć„ć¾ć™ć€‚

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