SICK Issue 2

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illness/health, disability, life & culture, feminism

SICK is completely written and created by chronically ill + disabled people, which is reflected in the topics covered. Although there is no specific theme, most of the work is about chronic illness and disability. However, we publish work beyond these topics as well, and issue 01 includes writing about sex and dating in addition to social media, education, and noise/silence.


The cover art is by the amazingly talented Hayley Wall, who I was so thrilled to work with for this issue. We had a long chat about ideas and possible directions - I was drawn to the idea of a body in bed that could be both lonely and glamorous. The pink elevated bed highlights the isolation of chronic illness, while also displaying a kind of romantic resting place. The hair is an extension of this self, reaching and connecting beyond this isolated bed, flowing down to the grass below and extending to join the contributors on the back cover. It was a real joy to see it come together, and to work with such a considerate artist.

この号で一緒に仕事をしてすごく興奮した、素晴らしい才能を持ったHayley Wallによるカバーアートです。私たちは数々のアイデア、いろんな方向性の話をして、その中で私は孤独で、それでいて魅惑的な体のアイデアに惹かれました。持ち上げられたベッドのピンクが慢性疾患の孤独を強調していて、なんとなく、ロマンティックな安らかな場所も表しています。分離したベッドの上から伸びて、繋がっている髪の毛は、地面の雑草に流れていき、バックカバーに載ったこの号の参加してくれた方たちと一緒にならぶようにして伸びています。一つのアートだとわかって、なんてちゃんと考えているアーティストなんだろうととても喜びました。

Right about now.

HAIM’s new album, Women in Music Pt. III, has really struck a chord with me. This album is vulnerable and bold, which resonates with issue 2. The bassist Este also has type 1 Diabetes and it’s really refreshing to hear her talk about the toll touring takes on the body, and having to find and maintain a kind of balance.

HAIMの新しいアルバム、Women in Music Pt. IIIで、とっても私の心に打つものがありました。このアルバムは、この2号目に反響する、脆さと強さを持っています。ベーシストのEsteもタイプ1糖尿病を患っており、彼女のツアーでの体への負担、そしてバランスみたいなものを見つけ保つことについての話を聞いたら、とても元気づけられます。

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I have always loved magazines and cherish being able to hold something, share it, save it, display it. I love seeing a stack of books or magazines in someone's home, which can say a lot about people and their interests. I have always enjoyed reading so much more when the words are in my hands rather than on a screen. It's powerful to feel the weight of thoughtfully curated stories, essays, and art in your hands, and to have that work take up physical space in your life.


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