SICK Issue 3

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illness/health, disability, life & culture, feminism

SICK is completely written and created by chronically ill + disabled people, which is reflected in the topics covered. Although there is no specific theme, most of the work is about chronic illness and disability. However, we publish work beyond these topics as well, and issue 01 includes writing about sex and dating in addition to social media, education, and noise/silence.


The cover art for issue 3 is by Beyza Durmus, who is an amazing illustrator from Turkey. I was a fan of their work before this issue, and one of their pieces was in our 2021 calendar. When I received this submission, I loved the body being central to the piece, but that it also felt kind of chaotic within the calmness the body held. To me, it feels like they are floating through a mess, or diving into something unknown.

3号目のカバーはトルコの素晴らしいイラストレーターBeyza Durmusが手がけてくれました。この号の前から彼らの作品のファンで、私たちのオリジナルの今年のカレンダーの一つでも使っています。このアイデアを受け取ったとき、身体が作品の中心に表現されているのが好きだったのですが、それがまた身体が抱く静けさの中で一種の混沌とし​​た感じがしました。私には、彼らが混乱の中を浮遊している、または未知の何かに飛び込んでいるように感じました。

When your mind is fresh and open.

Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice!

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I have always loved magazines and cherish being able to hold something, share it, save it, display it. I love seeing a stack of books or magazines in someone's home, which can say a lot about people and their interests. I have always enjoyed reading so much more when the words are in my hands rather than on a screen. It's powerful to feel the weight of thoughtfully curated stories, essays, and art in your hands, and to have that work take up physical space in your life.


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