SNAX Issue 1

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All things snacks

SNAX is a zine all about snacks, and the first issue has original essays, poetry, and illustrations that explore the universal experience of snacking. Issue One includes a love letter to Publix sugar cookies; poetry about hunger; a long form essay about family, heritage, and hummus; a review of friendship and donuts; and a question: what are snacks? These pieces, and more, make this first issue of SNAX both fun and compelling, like all good snacks should be.


The gradient on the cover has been part of SNAX for a long time, since before I started designing the print issue. I don’t remember how I picked the three colors—teal, pink, and orange—that became the backbone of the branding, but they feel really fun and lively and nourishing, to me. That’s the vibe I wanted SNAX to have. By the time I started designing the print issue, I had been using those colors and that gradient for so long that it just made sense to go on the cover.


Obviously, while eating a delicious snack of some kind. SNAX is intentionally small (bite-sized!) with a range of shorter and longer pieces, so it’s easy to read wherever you are: on the subway during your morning commute, sitting at a bar waiting for your friends, etc. You don’t need to read it from cover-to-cover in one sitting—flip through and find what you want in the moment.

間違いなく、なにか美味しいスナックを食べている時だと思います。SNAXは短いものから長いものの内容を集めて、意図的に小さいサイズ( 一口サイズ! )したものなので、朝の通勤電車の途中や、バーで友達を座って待っている時など、どこでも簡単に読むことができます。最初から最後に向かって読む必要は無く、ぱらっと開いて、あながいま気になったものを見つけてもらえればいいです。

The brightly-colored design and the lighthearted nature of a lot of the content in Issue One always makes me think of really bubbly, sweet pop music—like Carly Rae Jepsen on repeat forever.

この一号のコンテンツは色鮮やかで、愉快な質感をたくさん持っていて、いつも頭のなかでCarly Rae Jepsenのようなかわいい甘いポップソングがずっと永遠に流れています。

Date published
September 2019
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
I wanted to make something people could hold, and walk around with, give to their friends, display in their homes. I love print magazines, and learning how to make one of my own was really, really cool.


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