SOFA Issue 4

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Life Is A Chatroom

Every issue looks at one topic that’s of interest to us because we feel it’s having an emotional, political, collective moment. Right now, it’s “childing”. When adulting has never felt more urgent, and also frightening, IT’S PLAYTIME! puts culture in a headlock, wrestles playfully with childlikeness, games, new ideas, political strategies, brattiness, social media, slime, nostalgia, dark fantasies and paths to joy, in order to offer up fun as a soothsayer. We combine this with edgy intelligence, new perspectives and brainy content that live in a visually entertaining and provocative design. Since we’re firmly playing with a lot of the hard realities of life in the 2020s in PLAYTIME, we really want to also offer a reconnection for readers to the sense of wonder and pleasure of pre-adulting, and give them a portal into “childing” while sober.

毎号私たちが個人的に興味のある社会課題を追っています。今回は、’子どもでいる’ということ。大人になることが怖くなり、みんなが重い現実で精一杯になった時に、今回のテーマ「 IT’S PLAYTIME!」で、読者を落ち着かせる為に、子供のように楽しくゲームや新しいアイデア、政治戦略やソーシャルメディアなどを攻めていきます。私たちはこれに、面白いデザインなどで、流行の先端を歩む知識やアイディアを加えています。2020年の様々な暗い現実の課題と向き合うのと同時に、好奇心で一杯であったみんなの子供時代の気持ちを思い出させようとしています。

Our three cover players, who each open a door to a different kind of playfulness that becomes an editorial feature inside the magazine, feature a human in deepdream, an avatar in hack mode, and a watermelon monster dressed up for a Dinner Party. The idea is feel free to choose your player and come join us in the matrix!


Well now, obviously. But like all SOFA issues, our magazine is designed to be a companion there at your bedside or bathside or toiletside, ready to take you into the world of culture from a playful point of view and remind you that everything is okay.


It would have to be a diverse playlist featuring a bit of Grimes, a bit of Billie Eilish, a bit of Nina Simone, some death metal, a few lullabies and a remix of Mozart’s Requiem.

きっと、Grimes、Billie Eilishが少し、Nina Simoneも少し、それから何かデスメタルも、子守唄もちょっと、そしてMozart’s Requiemのリミックもフューチャーされた多様なプレイリストがお似合いだと思います。

Date published
Spring 2020
Country / Language
Germany / English
Reason for print format
Pure selfish reasons: as girls who care about post-neolib power struggle as much as we care about breast-enhanced pop culture, we were missing a magazine like SOFA, so we created it. SOFA is supposed to feel like an editorially and visually exhilarating roller coaster ride through various, sometimes opposing emotions and opinions. We cover everything from the politics of power to the aesthetics of buttcheeks, and embrace communication in its many contemporary forms with the idea that a diverse media diet is the currency with the most nutritional value and influence on change. To us, full spectrum cultural communication is a kind of therapy, so we are a kind of Culture Therapy.


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