TOFU Issue 1

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Art, Culture from East Asia

The main theme of the issue is space/room, because the purpose of the issue is to fill out some of the empty space of cultural understanding between East and West through art and creative reflections. It is an independent publication devoted to explore the visual art and contemporary culture arising out of the brilliant, burgeoning, imaginative generations of Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and China. TOFU came to fruition in collaboration between creatives around the globe who shared the vision of strengthening the cultural and creative ties that currently lie between East and West. Through 212 pages of interviews, design, writing, art, academia and photography, TOFU hopes to arouse your appetite, not just to find inspiration in what the publication serves you, but to look beyond and look East.


The cover art is a symbol representing the feeling we are trying to evoke for the reader / the feeling we have in out team - a longing for the East. Also, the two persons portrayed both have a close connection to East Asia, which is described halfway through the magazine.

カバーアートは読者に思い起こしてほしい( 私たちチームが持っている )感情/アジアへの憧れを表しているシンボルになっています。この描かれた二人はとても近い東アジアのコネクションを持っていて、その話は雑誌の途中で描かれています。

It is filled with creative inspiration - so I would say at afternoon while drinking coffee or at night drinking red wine <3


park hye jin

Date published
September 2019
Country / Language
Denmark / English, Danish, Chinese
Reason for print format
We are living in a time where we are surrounded by countless digital images all the time. A printed magazine gives the opportunity of gaining a deeper understanding of images through dissemination, tactility and presence. That is why we chose to make a printed publication.


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