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The story’s behind our favorite drinks. We love a good story and want to know and share the stories behind the people behind the drinks. There are lots of drinks taste test or drinks production articles but no articles on personal stories or history of drink. That’s why we have a priest talking about the politics of communion wine, the history of IPA, rappers buying champagne houses and bringing community’s together in war torn countries over a glass of moonshine.


Both are what we call “Tonic Moments” those moments caught in time that capture a sense of a story, of the people you have met, the experiences you have shared and places you have visited. We all have stories like this. We wanted our first volume to call on the nostalgia of these moments. We decided we wanted two covers to give our readers some choice and to solve the problem of having to decide which one we preferred. We were struck by both of these images because these captured moments seemingly out of sync. You would expect music royalty like Diana Ross to be sipping a cocktail or a glass of champagne and Michael Caine to be more comfortable nursing a pint of lager. The fact that these images capture moments that we wouldn’t expect really reflects the very nature of Tonic. These are “Tonic Moments”

両方のカバーとも私たちが「トニックモーメント」と呼んでいるもので、あなたが出会った人々、あなたが共有した経験、そしてあなたが訪れた場所の物語の感覚をとらえる時の瞬間です。私たちはみんなこのような話を持っています。私たちは、最初の号でこれらの瞬間の懐かちびちびと」しさを呼び起こしたかったのです。読者に選択肢を与え、どちらを好むかを決めなければならないという問題を解決するために、2つのカバーが必要だと判断しました。 これらの捉えられた瞬間がこちらから見ると同期していないため、私たちはこれらの画像の両方に感銘を受けました。ダイアナ・ロスのような音楽の君主がカクテルやシャンパンを飲み、マイケル・ケインがラガーのパイントをより快適にちびちびと飲むことをすることは予想できると思います。これらの画像が私たちが予期しない瞬間を捉えているという事実は、トニックの本質そのものを反映しています。これらは「トニックモーメント」です。

When you have a glass of something in hand and the Tonic playlist emanating from your speakers. The bonus with Tonic is that once you have read it you can go to a dinner party and you’ll be the life and soul of the party regaling the other guests with Tonic stories.


We have actually set up a playlist for Volume 1 on Spotify and there is a summary of it at the end of the magazine.


Date published
Date published
December 2020
Country / Language
UK / English
Reason for print format
It’s far too easy to get distracted with everything going on around us. Online content is diluted by a gif or meme or click-bait. The stories in Tonic demand your attention, and there is nothing like the tactility and aroma of a beautifully made magazine that draws you into the experiences within the covers. We wanted to create something that would last and you could pick up whenever you fancied.


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