Wine Zine Issue 3

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Natural, organic, biodynamic wine

We actually don't do themed issues; I prefer the freedom that un-themed magazines allow. I gather ideas for content on a year-round basis and then put the magazine together based on my interests at the time, who is available to write about their process or be interviewed, and what makes sense seasonally.


Our cover font is inspired by one of my favorite magazines of all time, Desert Magazine, which was published between 1937 and 1985. I'm from Arizona and think the Southwest is a magical place. We chose to keep our covers a constantly changing palette of wine-related colors rather than run photos on the cover. I think it lends it a sort of scholastic/journal vibe.

カバーのフォントは私の大好きな雑誌、1937から1985年まで発行されていた、Desert magzineからインスパイアをうけています。私はアリゾナ出身で、南西部はほんとうに不思議な場所だなと思うんです。カバーは写真のものじゃなく、ワインを想像させるような色調を毎回変えていきます。どちらかというともっとf教科書っぽいというか日誌帳てきな雰囲気にしたい。

Whenever! My goal is for the Fall issues to be a little more heavy on harvest-related content (as that's when harvest is happening for farmers) and for the Spring issues to be a bit more about rebirth and concepts in wine and farming.

いつでも!秋号のゴールは収穫を特集にしたもうちょっと深いものを作ることです。( 秋はそう、農家の人たちが丁度収穫を行う時期だし。)そして春号はワインと農業の復興や概念をもっと取り上げれたらなと思います。

Probably something spacey and peaceful, like Brian Eno's Music for Airports.

きっとなんだろ、なにかぼんやりと、平和的な、例えば、Brian Eno's Music for Airportsとか。

Date published
October 2019
Country / Language
USA / English
Reason for print format
Print magazines offer a more intimate experience in my opinion. Digital publishing is efficient and can be beautiful, but creating a print magazine offers us the opportunity to explore tactile elements like paper quality, ink, and colors that digital doesn't. I like the idea of our magazine being collected and returned to for years to come, which isn't something I think is possible with digital content.


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